EventAppi WordPress Plugin

Discover EventAppi’s crazy good features and awesome capabilities today.
You don’t need to be a pro at using WordPress, and with everything right at your fingers, you’ll have all you need to get up and runnin’ in no time whatsoever.

1. Install

EventAppi can be installed in a way that suits your workflow. Search, download it from us, or find it directly within your WordPress control panel under Plugins > Add New

2. Configure

With no fuss or bother, get up and running in no time at all.

3. Create

Create events from within WordPress or the front end of your website. You can work ahead of time and add events which automatically publish on a date and time of your choice.

4. Sell

Get ticketing savvy! Add events ahead of time and choose when to start selling tickets to the world.

Don’t just save money, make money!

Simple ticketing means you’ll be up and running (and selling) fast. Compared to companies like EventBrite, we crush it on competitive prices so you can win, event after event. This is all because we’re here to help you build up momentum. So just because your events are killing it, that doesn’t mean we see dollar signs, then raise the burden of cost on you! 

On the go and always on point

Give your attendees the best possible experience by quickly and efficiently checking them in or out of an event. Know exactly how many people you have checked in and either scan people’s tickets or find their name from a list and manually check them in.

Either way, just be sure to make long waiting lines a thing of the past with our awesome tech – we’re in the 21st Century, after all. Let’s just get Appi together instead.

World domination for the win

EventAppi’s Enterprise licence allows your team or organization to create events and sell tickets for their own events – all under your brand. Grow as large as you like with as much control over your organizers as you need.

The WordPress plugin falls in line with your brand giving you a customized version of the iOS app. So if EventAppi isn’t phased by bigger numbers, bigger venues and bigger teams, why should you be? Just keep doing what you’re doing, and we’ll continue taking that hassle out your event planning.

Claim – Assign – Send

Events are always better with friends and family, but registering Grandpa Joe, Aunt Freda, and crazy Uncle Bob takes forever, right? Fear not – EventAppi is here to take the crazy kerfuffle out of your shindig shuffle!

Always start as you mean to carry on. So, requiring you to fill out all guest details, for each additional ticket, before you even make the purchase? That’s so 2011.

With EventAppi, it’s never been easier to buy tickets for yourself and your nearest and dearest, thanks to our unique registration process.

It all comes down to three simple options: Claim, Assign, and Send.

Claim Your Ticket

No matter what happens, this one’s for you! Just fill out your details, print out your ticket(s) and you’re good to go.

Assign Tickets

Email ticket links to those in the know; either to fill out their own details, or for them to send on to others – whatever happens, everyone ends up filling out their own personal deets.

Send Tickets

You’re thinking an even bigger group? Consider this: send a handful of tickets to people you trust so they can then assign or send tickets themselves. Once everyone concerned fills out their own info, all registered details still link back to your initial purchase, so you can stay in the know and see who’s coming!

Easy, streamlined event management from EventAppi … and unlike Baby, no one gets put in the corner.

EventAppi. No rest for the ticket.

Overview Features

Enterprise level event management with a WordPress plugin.

Take control of events and ticketing right within the world’s favorite CMS.


Install, Configure, Create, and Sell. EventAppi was designed with end-users in mind – that means YOU. We’ve built the most logical, easy-to-learn approach we could, whilst providing you with all the information you need to start crushing it – both with your events and those tickets.

Event Management

Create detailed information for each event, including maps, contact info, and so on. Even better – plan ahead with confidence and schedule WordPress to automatically publish your events and release tickets – on specific days and timeframes, as chosen by you. Simples.


Simple ticketing means you’ll be up and running – and selling! – fast. Make your events epic with the ability to edit details or add tickets at any time. Tickets are then emailed directly to attendees, including a reminder email a few days ahead of the event.

Assigned Tickets

Here’s where things get simple for those +1s (or +2s, or +3s…)! Attendees can simply buy tickets, assign and send them off to friends, and keep track of which tickets have been allocated; and even more awesome, users can also change ticket allocation if a friend can’t make the event. Winning.

Cut-off Dates

By default, the sale of tickets ends the day the event starts. But, we get it: every event is different, and so are your requirements. That’s why parameters like these are completely customizable. There’s also an option for releasing ‘limited time’ Early Bird tickets. It’s all up to you.


Customize your event pages by adding background and banner imagery that fit with the tone of your event. Promote your events through social media channels, or email your previous attendees, giving you a head start with whatever’s coming up next.

Social Sharing

It’s 2015 and all, so we’re sure you’ll want to strut your stuff via social sharing? Yeah, we thought so. Our trusty sidekick currently handles your sharing for Facebook, so you’re covered there. Twitter and other social media platforms will also be coming up shortly!

Report Easily

Enter the smartest wingman around – the one that also cares! Discover built-in reporting on events, tickets, and attendees – whatever you need. Make use of this data for future events: you can even compare similar events you’ve created. Like we said – easy-peasy.

Customer Refunds

Automated customer refunds will soon be built right in to EventAppi, so watch this space! For now, all ticket revenue is paid into the event organizer’s account, who then handles the refunds. In time, we will provide updates with a refund button. It won’t be long either.

Proven and Reliable

Despite only being released recently, EventAppi has a rich heritage in event management and is built on rock-solid frameworks – the kind you can adjust, customize, and tweak to your liking. The kind that you’ll come to know and trust in no time.

Top-Notch Support

Our support is second to none; just ask any of our customers. Our email and phone gives you access to our support stars whenever you need, and wherever you may be. Ask us a question, find out How To, or whatever else you need to make your events fly!

Active Development

When you choose EventAppi, you’re in our circle of trust. And that means we’d love your opinion: we’re always working to make EventAppi better. If you have feedback, ideas – or just want to let us know how epically it’s helping you out – let us know people!


Detailed features


EventAppi Pro can be downloaded directly from the website or EventAppi Lite can be found directly within your WordPress control panel under Plugins > Add New. EventAppi runs on WordPress version 4.0+ and has been tested to version 4.1.


Built in PHP, and currently more than happy to integrate with WooCommerce and MailChimp, EventAppi easily integrates with other online toolkits and service providers. That’s not all: expect plenty more of the biggest names to come – soon enough.

Cross-browser Compatible

Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE – you name it – EventAppi has all those bases covered. So however your users and customers surf the web, your events are optimized for their viewing pleasure. Looks like that’s another home run. Our templates are mobile friendly and will adopt the look and feel of your chosen theme.


Even if the whole world* comes to your site to buy tickets – all at the same time – EventAppi can handle it. Add as many events as you want without worry or hassle. You can even let your friends sell tickets for their events, right through your website.**

Indexing and SEO

EventAppi templates are SEO optimised and so any headings, links, and any other kind of metadata goodness mean that your events will be indexed correctly  by the biggest names in search: Bing, Yelp and – of course – Google won’t have any problems finding  out what you have to offer.


The license key that you buy is verified against the API, and all tickets sales are also generated in that same place.

Each purchased license key** is verified against our API. The API building blocks are well-oiled behind the scenes and we’re actively developing it.


WordPress provides an industry-standard level of security – the only standard your awesome attendees deserve. Think fort knox, just way more aesthetically-pleasing! Be sure to use an encrypted connection – such as https://… – and you’re good to go. 

Plugin Updates

Updates are handled through the standard WordPress Update manager – whenever an update is available, WordPress will notify you automatically, as normal. No worries there.


Gain insights on who is coming to an event, how much money you’ve made, and so much more with 24/7 access to your dashboard and reports. Users can also export data as a CSV file, if needed for further processing.


If you’re using a custom WordPress theme – or one you’ve purchased from Envato – EventAppi adapts. It’s been built to easily integrate the look-and-feel of your chosen theme.


EventAppi will email tickets straight to your friends so you don’t have to worry. Additionally, there is also an event reminder email, so every ticket holder receives a nudge about the event a few days beforehand.


EventAppi makes online payments easy allowing attendees to pay safely and securely via debit and credit cards, PayPal and more. Organizers can also track sales and refunds all in one place.


Lite users, EventAppi is free to use but it comes with restrictions, for example, no multi registration, no repeat events etc. With Pro and one user license, most restrictions are lifted, but the site owner remains the only user capable of creating events and adjusting user permissions. With five Developer licenses, they last for one year, with only a single install required. At Enterprise level, anyone – at event organizer level – can be allowed to create events.

Control Panel

Your control panel is where all the magic happens. From your Dashboard, see all of your upcoming and past events in one place, with adjustable Event Detail options such as venue or contact info. Ticket management is easy from the panel, allowing users to start with simple tickets or build a strategic ticketing over time. Reports will enable you to gain insights and learn from your previous events, with keyboard metrics giving you all the details you could want and more.

Reporting and Analytics

EventAppi currently has built-in reporting including ticket availability, ticket sales per event, revenue per event, attendee tracking per event. Further down the line, analytics will be able to interpret data from previous events to make recommendations based on what events sell the best or are most popular, the best time or season of the year, and so on. This use of data will be available for all organizers.

Key Dashboard Metrics

Ticket reports will allow the organizer to view all ticket data, filterable by both status and date range. Total sales, on the other hand, produce summaries including tickets purchased, filterable by date, with Unsold Tickets shows realtime available tickets levels and value. Users will also be able to find out what level of traffic is hitting your event pages.

Integration with Omnipay

We support manual payments, authorize and capture, as well as the processing of refunds directly from the control panel. Below are some of the gateways you can choose from:

  • 2Checkout
  • ANZ eGate
  • Authorize.Net
  • Buckaroo
  • CardSave
  • CBA CommWeb
  • eWay
  • First Data
  • GoCardless
  • MIGS
  • Mollie
  • Netaxept
  • NetBanx
  • PayFast
  • Payflow
  • PaymentExpress (DPS)
  • PayPal
  • Pin
  • Sage Pay
  • SecurePay
  • Stripe
  • TargetPay
  • WorldPay

We can also extend this library to include your gateway of choice, however please check with us before you commit to using a specific gateway.


* Depending on your hosting infrastructure
** EventAppi Pro only